Time & Money in Family Therapy

How much does family therapy cost?

People often worry about the cost of family therapy sessions. This stops them from taking advantage of the benefits that counseling can offer. Narrative Therapy can be brief, as change often happens quickly.

Many of the couples and families who have worked with me have seen positive, lasting changes in as few as six counseling sessions. Some couples or families work on their situation a bit longer, taking between six and fifteen family therapy meetings to identify the problem, make changes and support new habits.

What helps us get such quick resolutions in family therapy?

1. We explore what is wonderful and unnoticed among the family members. This can lead to recognition of the invisible or forgotten success in normal life.

2. Separating the problem, from the person, means the person does not have to overhaul their character. We work on the relationship to the problem, the beliefs, and habits that keep the problem active focusing on the environment as well as feelings and ideas.

3. Working in collaboration with a team (people that you think would be helpful) means that changes are noticed and supported, and the environment around the person becomes more helpful and less problem-focused.

4. Using feedback helps us make sure that we are all on track. Noticing what works, what stands out and what is changing allows the therapy to be more effective, and more responsive to exactly what you need.

These strategies are supported by recent developments in brain science.

We know that change happens fast. ¬†When you focus on what works, new stories and habits change our brain and body responses! Circumstances don’t have to be perfect before you can get started in family therapy. Even a small change can make a big difference in how your family feels. Let’s talk about what works for you.

Fee Rates
Pay for one session at a time $150
Pay for ten Sessions at a time $1200

Again – you could pay a small amount for therapy that does not help you for a long time. You also could try paying more for a short time and get the help that your family needs. How would it be worth while to work with someone who could help you?

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